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Political Cases. We can politicise everything and everyone, if we know it is for the INTERESTS of our parties. That is exactly what happened to West Papua when parties involved in the handing over of West Papua to Indonesia considering WHAT THEY CAN GET OUT OF West Papua as an independent country or West Papua as a re-colonised territory under Indonesia. Bad luck for us, the Papuans: those parties found they can get much and much more if this country is "given-away" to Indonesia rather than "giving it" independence. The impacts of this INTEREST DIPLOMACY is a nightmare for us Papuans. We are not fighting back, with our INTEREST DIPLOMACY HANDBOOK. You can join us in the fight against inhumane decisions and shameful politics. Is the UN actually for humanity or as a tool for politicising the INTERESTS of its supporters and members?

Legal Cases. The United Nations is primarily legally responsible to all impacts of its scandals. Our allegation is not unreasonable. Legally, West Papua is absolutely not an integral part of Indonesia even until today. In other words, there is no single legal basis, including the UN Resolutions that approve Indonesia's military invasion and occupation since 1963. We UNCOVER the the LEGAL CASES in our Book 02. Also read Powes Parkop's Legal Arguments. Even the UN Charter and Resolutions and International Practices of Laws are all violated in the De-colonisation and Re-colonisation of West Papua. Can there be any scandals of the UN left unresolved in this generation? We are seeking International Lawyers to sue the cases to the International Court of Justice in the Hague to restore the reputation of the U.N. and to maintain its credibility in this generation's eyes. This will help West Papua problems to an end. Without it, the law enforcement, promotion of democracy and human rights in West Papua are just typical neo-colonial "political-sweets" to the Papuans that will never come to any conclusion whatsoever. We urge human rights organisations and NGOs in West Papua and worldwide to reconsider their focus of campaigns, otherwise they will be just "catching the air." Dr. John Saltfort answers this question very clearly that UN was involved in the scandal.

[[[about:history|Historical Case]]. Historically, West Papua is not part of Indonesia in any way. The History of West Papua is different, separate and independent from any histories that you can read in Indonesian History Books. The Indonesia's claim that the Previous Dutch Indies Colonies are automatically the territories of Indonesia is merely an expansionist and imperialist neo-colonial power ambition, fully supported by the U.S.A. and its intelligence networks. We open our stories in detail in our Book 01. Establishing a country based on a colonial map is merely replacing colonial power with a neo-colonial power; a case that the International Community fully supported but it now becomes shameful and needs to be re-examined.

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When anyone looses the rights to self-determination of the future as a territory and a people, they automatically and unfortunately loose all other rights, be it land rights, be it the right to live freely, be it the right to eat and drink freely, be it the right to express opinions freely, and any human rights that we can mention. Thus, we cannot talk about human rights violations (i.e., massacre, rape, etc.) before resolving the cases of our political rights. (AMP Chair) Read Book 4 on this argument.

Human Rights Violations (Read More)






Arbitrary Arrest

Imprisonment without Trial

Land Rights cases

Social- Engineering (Transmigration).

The World Bank is primarily responsible for this largest social engineering programme in our generation. Backed by the U.S.A., based on the "Secret Rome Agreement", which among others, assigned the U.S.A. to guarantee the WB's sponsor to the Transmigration Projects. Up till now, there have been a total population more than Papuans (about 1 million) transported to West Papua. Carmel Budiardjo and Lim tell you the complete story in their book: WEST PAPUA: Obliteration of a People.

Impacts of Christian Missionaries

Impacts of Indonesian Government Policies

Food Poisoning (Systematic killing)

Efforts to Destroy Papuan Staple-Foods (Transmigration and Rice Fields)

Mixed Marriages Policies (Javanisation)

Education Policies


Massive and Rapid Environmental Destruction. (Read More) Freeport's Operation and Its Impacts

PT You Lim Sari Operation and Its Impacts

PT Wapoga Timber Group Operation and Its Impacts

PT Connoco, Manokwari

Other Development Activities (road construction, etc.)

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