West Papua State and Her Peoples

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Name of the Sate WEST PAPUA The name of the State is not translated into any other languages, particularly into Malay, as from the beginning, the State is called West Papua. For instance, it cannot be translated into Malay as "Papua Barat" because it is a name of a State, just like a name of a person which cannot be translated. Legally, the Seal of the State says: West Papua, therefore, we do not translate this name into any other languages, we always use West Papua as the name of the State in all languages.
Name of the Nation Papua/Papuan Papua nation in western half of New Guinea consists of at least 250 tribes, with different languanges and athropologists divide them into 7 cultural groups that is symbolised in the seven stripes of blue colours in the Morning Star Flag.
Name of Ethnic Melanesia cell-content
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